A Letter To My Best Friend on Mother's Day

Hey Mom,

Can you believe I’m done next semester? These 2 years flew by. I know I owe it all to you-- the dual enrollment classes, summer courses, and maxing out on credits. However, I know I didn’t make it easy on you. There were a lot of morning phone calls and evening meltdowns, but you said, “Guil, you got this.” And, you were right. I got this.

Speaking of which, I reached out to that company we were talking about a few weeks ago. They said yes to the brand deal! You were right.

Oh, and Mom, remember the girls I was telling you about? The partiers? The ones you told me to stay away from? I heard they’re failing a couple of courses this semester and won’t be able to graduate on time. I'm glad you told me to prioritize my education. You were right.

But, wait-- I know how you’re always telling me to stray away from the hear say. You were right about those boys too; the ones who twisted my words and started a bunch of drama. I don’t talk to them anymore. And, guess what? No drama! You were right.

Speaking of boys, remember the one you told me to give another chance to? I did. And, things are going really well. I’m not rushing anything though. You always say, “If it’s meant to be it’ll be.” And, you’re always right. I’ll let this one play out.

Thank you-- for always being right. Thank you for always giving me the best advice. When I was fifteen, I remember coming home, crying to you. I asked you how my group of girl friends could turn so cold. You told me it was because they were jealous of me-- my looks, intelligencce, etc. Looking back, I realize they were jealous of me because of the incredible parents I have.

You always put my sister and I first, whether it’s buying us a new shirt we see at the mall, driving us to soccer practice, or hosting prom for 25 of our friends and their families. Or, the last french fry. You always let me have the last Chik-fil-a fry.

I can’t wait until the day I can use the education, the one you gave me the ability to receieve, to get a job. A job that will help me help you achieve all of your dreams and goals in life. You deserve it more than anyone.



My Boyfriend Guesses The Price of Girly Things

This week, I'm introducing my boyfriend, Andres, to some of my favorite girly products. I have lots and lots of products, so let's get into it:

Revolution Ultra Palette Golden Sugar 2 - Blush, Bronze & Highlight

Andres said that he thought this palette is on the market for $23.95. He said, this was a high-end product because of the large mirror and the variety of colors. He was off by $13.95; it was only $10.

Revolution Jewel Collection Jelly Highlighter Prestigious

He was pretty on par with this one. He estimated it to be about $7 flat. His reasoning behind marketing so low is because "it's really just liquid" and it's just one shade. In this case, he was only off by $2! This highlighter is actually $9. And, it's worth every penny.

Amazonia Clay 12-Hour Highlighter by Tarte Cosmetics

When I revealed how cheap the Makeup Revolution highlighter was, I wanted to throw him a curve ball with this high-end highlighter. This highlighter retails for $29. Andres said it was probably only $13. It costs a little bit more than the previous one because it has a mirror. He was shocked!

Maybelline Fit Me Blush

This might be my favorite thing that Andres said during this challenge: "The fancier the color, the more [expensive] it is." That's what he estimated it to be $12.50, instead of the actual price of $5.99. (Side note: I absolutely love this blush-- and the color is pretty fancy!)

Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer - C2

Andres was, again, pretty on par with this product, my favorite concealer of all time. I will never change up my concealer ever again. I love the formula, coverage, everything! Andres guessed that this product was $8 due to the small container. And, he was right on-- this product retails for $7.

Cucumber De-Tox Foaming Cleanser by Peter Thomas Roth

This is my holy grail face wash. I've gone through so many bottles. I think I'm on my 6th? 7th? They last a long time too! Andres said this was probably $18. This product is actually on the high-end; it's $35. But, hey, it's worth it!

Yes To Face

I love, love, love face masks. I think they're so much fun! And, my boyfriend definitely knows this by the countless masked selfies I send him. He wasn't surprised when I asked him how much he thought one of my go-to face masks costs. He estimated Yes To face masks to go for $5. They range from $2.99-$3.99. Pretty close!!

Clearly Brighter Dark Circle Eye Roller

Again, Andres was pretty on par. This eye roller retails for $12.99 and his guess was $15. Only $2 off!

U by Kotex Cleanwear Ultra Thin Fitness Pads

And, this guess was my favorite guess of all. A 30 count box of pads is approximately $6.99. Andres guessed it retailed for $40. Thank God it doesn't cost this much. I would be working a part-time job just to supply feminine hygiene products for myself.

Andres, you did a great job at guessing these prices. I am so appreciative you took part in this little challenge on my blog. Send me some more blog post ideas you want me to feature Andres in!

Checkout Andres' social media:

My Journey To Happiness: My Favorite Ways To Practice Happiness

Let me explain: I'm practicing to be a psychologist. So, I over analyze events and people. It's just what I do. So, it's no surprise that I over analyze myself in certain events. We all do, right? Let's put that aside and focus on happiness.

Here are my favorite ways to practice happiness:

Letters of forgiveness.

Apparently, forgiveness is a huge contributor to happiness. And, it's one of the hardest things for me to do. It's especially hard for me to do when your friend deliberately lies to you-- over and over again. I know I'm not the only one who struggles with this.

Best possible future self exercise.

Once a week, I like to spend 10-15 minutes envisioning and/or writing about my best possible future self. I tend to write about different aspects of my anticipated career, a psychologist for immigrants. I think about being a teacher or a non-profit organizer. Thinking about those things allows me to set goals for myself and work towards them.

Set goals.

Whether they are short-term or long-term, set them. I set them everyday in my planner:

  • Finish English paper
  • Email back X company about sponsorship
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Be awesome
Adopt a fitness routine.

There's a million and one studies that support the idea that exercise decreases stress levels. I can definitely say that I've branched out of my comfort zone in terms of fitness. For example, I have recently taken up zumba-- BEST. DECISION. EVER. It kicked my butt, but totally worth it. I've also experimented with crazy gym equipment. (The kind you think only the baseball team uses!) I've been able to sculpt my body into the shape I want, which has in turn helped me develop confidence.


I've always gravitated towards writing when it comes to expressing myself. I like to write short journal entries, and even more so, poetry. It's the perfect coping mechanism for when I'm upset or angry.

Expressing gratitude. 

One of the most important exercises of adopting a happiness program is to include expressing gratitude. Over the past few months, I have attempted to show gratitude towards my family. With finals right around the corner, I am a little on edge and stressed. Appreciating and thanking my family for everything they have done to help me is super important.

Experience flow. Constantly.

In more ways than one I experience flow: blogging, listening to music, spending time with my family, writing, etc.. Do whatever makes you happy and passes the time by.


Three words: This. Is. Hard. It has taken me some serious practice to learn how to meditate. I like to lie down on my bed. I also like to either light a candle or use a diffuser to stimulate my senses. Then, I use the Meditation Minis Podcast on Spotify to complete my session. I highly recommend this station, as the sessions are only 10 minutes long.

My Sister's College Announcement: Florida Southern College

Congratulations to my sister, Natalie! She has recently committed to Florida Southern College, home of the Mocs. She will study biology in hopes of becoming a veterinarian.

Natalie, I am so excited for you and what your future holds. Your character, intelligence, and motivation will make such a unique and powerful impact on the world. Being in the top 5% of your class, pursuing a male-dominated field, saving animals... is there anything you can't do? 

Congratulations, Florida Southern College! You chose an incredible woman. 

8 Do's and Don'ts of Traveling With Your S.O.

A few weeks ago, I went to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida with my family. (I'm sure you saw pics on Insta and Twitter!) Like every other vacation, I had a blast! However, this one was a little different because I traveled with my boyfriend. B-I-G step; I know! Instead of doing a typical travel diary, I thought I would share some of the do's and don'ts for the next time you travel with your bae.

1. DO pick a destination you are BOTH interested in.

This was kind of, very last minute. However, we both have a love for Disney, so it worked out! We're in the works of planning our next adventure now.

2. DON'T under pack.

Be sure to double and triple check your suitcase. You don't want to have to worry about clothes, toiletries, etc. on your getaway. Click here to checkout my carry-on essentials.

3. DO plan.

Take the time to go through Pinterest and see what cool things there are to do in the place you're visiting. My boyfriend and I watched a ton of YouTube videos on the best places to eat in Walt Disney World. We made sure to hit at least 3 of them-- yum!

4. DON'T be afraid to go with the flow.

Not everything goes according to plan. Don't let it ruin your mood! Role with the punches; everything will work itself out.

5. DO compromise.

I really wanted to go on the Frozen ride in Epcot. My boyfriend was so sweet and waited the 2 hour wait with me. However, I made sure to do the same thing with him when he wanted to hop on Soarin'. 

6. DON'T demand high standards of one another.

Treat each other as if you were back home.

7. DO take lots of pictures.

This is going to be one for the books-- I promise!

8. DON'T be afraid to try something new.

2019 is all about trying new things and making the most out of them. Step out of your comfort zone with one another!