What's In My Backpack?

Welcome back to my blog, everyone!

I thought I would share the contents of my backpack with y'all. I know I've done multiple of these posts in the past, but this is A College Girl's Edition. 

Let's start off with my backpack. My backpack is from L.L. Bean. And yes, for the record it has my monogram on it. #IfItDoesntMoveMonogramIt

MacBook Air

The first thing I pulled out is my MacBook Air. I love my MacBook to death. I've had since the end of July and it works great! (Oh! And, keeping it protected is my Kate Spade laptop case. I love it to death!) 

Lilly Pulitzer Jumbo Agenda

The next thing I have in my backpack is my agenda. I swear by this thing. I actually did a whole blog post on how I organize my agenda. Click here.

My Notebook(s)/Folder(s)

This semester, I have six classes. I use a three subject notebook for my main classes. I usually end up throwing this in my bag along with whatever folders I need.

Any Books/Textbooks That I Need

Again, depending on the day my textbooks will change. However, I almost always keep my Spanish textbook in my bag. Whenever I have free time I work on assignments for that class. The class is both in person and hybrid. I also have some sort of chapter book in my bag. I have heavy reading assignments for both my history and English classes.

Writing Utensil Pouch

I picked this pencil pouch up a few weeks ago from T.J. Maxx. It was in the clearance section; I couldn't resist. In this bag, I keep a variety of colorful pens, highlighters, and pencils. For the record, I love Sharpie Pens. They write so smooth.

Emergency Kit

The Southern Wicked Shop was so kind and sent me this monogrammed cosmetic bag. I use it to store oil absorbing sheets, pads/tampons, etc. 


It's allergy season!


Headphones are a must for me. Not everyone wants to hear your FaceTime call with your family. 

Snacks... And More Snacks

I like to keep a bag of pretzels, a bag of popcorn, some protein bars, and some chocolate chip granola bars in my bag. A girl's gotta eat!

Sticky Notes

I love sticky notes! I post them every where: my agenda, desk, laptop, etc. They're nice to post reminders.

That includes everything thats in my backpack!

Question of The Day: What are three things that you have to have in your backpack?