How To Balance A Blog + College

Being a full time college student makes it difficult to be a part time lifestyle blogger. For those of you who are in my position, I'm sure you understand.

Here are some of my tips to help you run a great blog while maintaining an awesome GPA:

Use a planner.

My planner is my best friend. (I'm sorry, Natalie! You're a close second, I promise.) I use the heck out of my planner. My top tip: come up with a color coding system.


It's a pretty basic system, but I really like it. It helps me stay on top of all of my to do's. 

Stay organized.

Keep your work space clean. Keep your planner intact. Keep your computer files in range. If you stay organized, you'll be able to manage more tasks. And, you won't feel as overwhelmed. (I don't work well with a messy desk.)

Prioritize school work.

School, then blog. In high school, I couldn't imagine putting my blog second. However, this time, I'm paying for my college education. It's important that I devote the needed amount of time to my schooling.

Devote time to blog.

With that being said, if your schedule allows, block out time to devote especially to your blog. I like to spend Friday afternoons in my school's cafeteria. It's the perfect time to eat and blog, and blog and eat. A few weeks ago, I sat in my school's cafe for 2 hours. I had soup, and a grilled cheese. Oh, and fries! Two orders of those curly things. They're addicting!

Plan blog posts in advance.

During winter break, I like to go to town and plan for a year's worth of blog posts. That's almost impossible, so I settle for the end of the semester. I like to use Google Drive to help me organize dates and blog titles.

Here are some tips to plan for a semester's worth of blog posts:

  • Brainstorm. Set a timer for 20 minutes and put all of your thoughts on paper. Your bound to come up with some great ideas!
  • Search the web. The worldwide web is the perfect place find content inspiration. I like to gravitate towards social media, like Twitter and Pinterest. They always have great ideas in stock for me.
  • Revisit YOUR blog. Scope out your old blog posts for content ideas. Are there any routines you can update? What about a new story you can tell?

Those are all of the tips and tricks I have for managing a blog while in college. Live by your planner. It will make your life 10x easier! Put your school work first and devote a bock of time do your blog 1-2 times a week. And lastly, plan in advance! This is the system that works best for me. What works best for you?

Question of the Day: Do you find running a blog while in school a difficult task?


  1. Great post! Running a blog now that I am in college has become very difficult so weekends for me is where I get down to business and do most of my blog planning.

    Samara //

    1. Thanks so much, Samara! Same here-- I use weekends to catch up on school work and carve out some blog work. It's the only free time I have these days. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Nice post! I am finding it so hard to balance blogging and school this year as it is my last year in school. I can't wait to being able to put time towards blogging once as all my exams are over.

    1. Thanks, Ró! I know what you mean. My blog has definitely been put on the back burner this semester. Can't wait for summer when I can actually put some time into it.

  3. Your an inspiration dear. Hope all of the teenagers today will be inspire by you and do things that are worth while. Thanks!