Plan With Me For The New Semester | Fall 2019

A new semester is right around the corner-- let's get planning! If you know me, you know I love to plan and I love to do it in my Lilly Pulitzer agendas. This year, I picked up the Jumbo Agenda in Multi Postcards From Positano; I'm in love!

This planner is everything.

I've been obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer planners since I first discovered them in high school. Their weekly and monthly spreads, colorful patterns, and fun stickers make me gravitate to them every July they come out. Usually, I go with the large agenda, but this year I decided to go with the jumbo agenda. It has a ton of room for me to write all of my to-dos.

I specifically like the new layout this size offers. On the left hand side, there is a weekly spread. On the right hand size, there are three different sections: Notes, To Dos, and Don't Forget. I like the extra space this planner offers me for all of my extracurricular activities.

Establish a color coding system.

Having a color coding system allows you to maximize the space in your planner. I recently discovered the Take Note Dual Tip Highlighter Pens by Crayola. They're perfect for taking notes and filling out my planner. It's a pen and highlighter in one. Super convenient!

Here is my color coding system:

Red ➯ Due Date

Orange ➯ Extracurriculars

Green ➯ Fitness

Blue ➯ Personal

Purple ➯ Blog

Pink ➯ School Work

Stickers, stickers, stickers!

If you've been around for awhile, you might remember a post I did with Lavish Paper Co. 2 years ago.. If you don't, you can check it out here. In that post, I showed you how I use planner stickers to organize and maximize the space in my planner. I still have a ton of stickers that the owner sent me. I love them! They're super bright and fun-- which match my planner perfectly.

My favorite part about getting ready for a new semester is purchasing a planner and organizing it to my liking. Get creative and find a system that works well for you.

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