My Sister's Dorm Room Tour | Florida Southern College

My sister started her freshman year of college-- I can't believe it. Time is flying by! (Feel free to checkout our Lakeland, Florida photo diary!) Way back in the day, I showed y'all what my dorm room looked like. I thought I would do the same with hers; it's so cute!

Her bed.

My sister is super artsy. She actually made her two throw pillows: the red one and the Disney one. She's so talented! Her husband pillow and blanket are by UGG. Soo soft! I'm actually super jealous I didn't make this splurge for my dorm.

Her desk.

This is her clean and organized space where she'll be doing all of her homework. Above her desk, she had a wooden picture frame holder that she got from Kohl's. I love it!

Her wardrobe.

Her wardrobe is super spacious! She has all of her essentials on the door. (Oh, and all of the freebies she's accumulated so far, too!) 

That's all for Natalie's dorm room tour. I'm absolutely in love with her Disney-themed dorm-- it's super cozy. She merged her love of Disney with wooden pieces to remind her of home. Can't wait to see what other decor she accumulates throughout the semester.

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