My Sister's Dorm Room Wish List

The countdown to Move-In Day is on! She moves into her dorm in a month-- that's crazy! My sister, Natalie, will be attending Florida Southern College. (You can read her college announcement here.) 

Shopping for your dorm is a big deal-- not to mention, an expensive one. We put together this wish list from Bed Bath and Beyond (NOT SPONSORED) so we could figure out what she really wants and needs for her dorm:

Kikkerland® Bedside Felt Storage Pocket in Grey Collection // $14.99

This bedside pocket is perfect for flashcards, highlighters, pens, sticky notes, etc. You can even throw your phone in here for easy access.

Folding Jersey Saucer Chair in Light Grey // $39.99

A comfy chair like this one is a great addition to any dorm room. When I was a freshman, I didn't have any extra seating like this in my dorm. So, when I had 5-6 people over to study, there wasn't a place for them to sit.

2-in-1 Shower Caddy // $7.99

A shower caddy is essential for a community bathroom. This specific caddy is a 2-in-1, which means that the center compartment detaches. This way, you don't have to lug your whole caddy to the bathrooms before bed. You only have to carry the center compartment to the bathroom. I love this! (Plus, you can't beat the price!)

Safavieh Faux Sheepskin Area Rug // $24.99+

A rug is a nice way to make your room more cozy. This one is super soft!

Umbra Hangup 30 Clip Photo Collage in Barnwood // $24.99

My sister has lots and lots of pictures. This picture frame is a great way to kill two birds with one stone: cover up the white wall and display her beautiful pictures.

WallPops!® Dry-Erase Calendar/Weekly Board Organizer Set // $24.99

Again, another great way to cover up the white wall space. Not to mention, stay organized! This set of organizers can be placed above her desk to help her stay on top of her assignments.

UGG® Polar Faux Fur Backrest // $49.99

A backrest pillow is definitely a nice extra to have. (I got mine from Walmart! So there are definitely some different price options if you ant a husband pillow!)

Studio 3B™ 4-Drawer Storage Cart // $49.99

I got the same exact one when I was dorm shopping. I used mine to hold extra toiletries, utensils, etc. I promise you'll find a use for a cart like this!

Comment below: What's one of your dorm room must-haves?

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