Tips + Tricks To Save Money In College

I have one more semester of college to go through-- I’ve seen the tuition bill on more than one occasion. Room and board, meal plans, textbooks, etc.; it adds up fast. Let’s talk about how to save: using apps, applying for scholarships, and more!

I am a huge fan of apps. They’re easy to download and convenient. These apps have helped me save hundreds of dollars. I know what you’re thinking: yes, hundreds!

I’ve been using Shopkick since I was in high school. This app gives you points when you walk into participating stores and scan promoted items. You can then redeem giftcards with the points you’ve earned. Shopkick offers a variety of gift cards from Barnes and Noble to Target to T.J. Maxx. I’m a huge fan! (I actually just cashed in my points for a $10 Marshall’s gift card. #TreatYoSelf)

Download here + use code KIND983263 for bonus kicks when you sign up!

I recently discovered Pocket Points on Pinterest. Pocket Points is an app that rewards students for staying off their phone during class and study sessions. You can cash in the points for free Redbox Rentals and discounts at some of your favorite retailers.

Who doesn’t love Target? Target has an app that allows users to scan items before purchasing to see if there are any coupons and/or deals. My favorite razor refills were $4 off the other day! 

If you’re an avid Target goer, like myself, consider opening up a Target debit card. There’s no fees or weird rules… just 5% off every time you use it. (And, no, I don't earn any sort of commission if you sign up. But, I definitely should considering how much I recommend it!)

Scholarships are a huge part of the college process. Apply! Apply! Apply! I applied for a few through my high school and ended up getting $4,000. I also applied for scholarships at my university and got over $10,000! There are so many opportunities to cut down the price of tuition. Click here to checkout some scholarships.

Your college ID has some serious magical powers. Next time, take it with you to the mall. You’ll be surprised at how many stores take part in student discounts. I’ve gotten free drinks at Chik-fil-a and 15% off my total purchase at Vineyard Vines. Here’s a complete list here!

Not sure if I should be promoting this or not, but let’s do it anyway: maximize your meal plan any way you can. For example:

  • Bring a reusable water bottle to the soda fountain with you and fill it up for later.
  • If your school offers to go boxes, eat there and pack some for later.
  • Stay in the cafĂ© through breakfast and lunch if time permits (2 meals for the price of 1).

College events are a great way to meet new people and score some feebies. Whenever my university hosts an event, they’re always giving away free food, t-shirts, and school supplies. I've never heard of a college student passing up free food-- or anything free for that matter.

If your college hosts a Bingo night-- GO! I won a flat screen TV, a Google home, etc. My boyfriend won a bundle of Cabrini gear and a Keurig. You won’t regret going. I promise!

Three words: Textbooks. Are. Expensive. There are a ton of different places you can look for textbooks. Personally, I like to go on Barnes and Noble Marketplace. I’ve gotten a number of books for $1.99. You’re welcome!

These are just some of my favorite ways to save as a college student. Let me know what some of your favorite ways to save are-- I'm always looking for new ways to save money!

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