Collab // What's In My Purse? (Spring Edition)

Hi everyone! x

My last "What's In My Purse?" post was back in December and it featured all of my winter essentials. During the winter months I tend to stock up on everything! Now that it's spring I don't have to carry a pair of gloves, countless mauve lipsticks, and peppermint hand cream. I carry a much smaller purse now so I keep it down to a minimum. 

*This is also a collaboration with my good friend Christina over at This Fashion Girl. You should most definitely check her out. I will have all of her links at the end of this post. Enjoy! x

This is a navy cross body with gold hardware by Michael Kors. I absolutely love this purse for the spring season. It's very classic purse and adds a pop of color for those days when I wear neutral colors. 

// My Wallet //

This wallet is from Michael Kors. It is quite big- which is something I love about it. It really helps me stay organized. I can also use it as a clutch for those Friday nights out with my friends.

Here's a sneak peak at some of the random things in my wallet:
  • Old receipts
  • Bobby pin and hair tie
  • Coupons
  • Cards (Not shown for privacy reasons)
  • Gift cards (Not shown)
  • Cash for food (Not shown)

// Lip Products //  

I'm you average teenage girl, I touch up my lipgloss at least twice a day. I love this color because it goes with any look I'm trying to pull off. (I literally accumulate 4 lip glosses in my purse by the end of the week. It's a serious problem.)

I also like to carry my EOS lip balm in "Mint" as well as this Aquaphor lip repair treatment. It's really helped smooth my lips after that harsh winter season.

// Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets & CG Pressed Powder //

These oil absorbing sheets are a must for me with the heat and my natural oily skin. I use these before my lunch period to keep me from looking shiny- sometimes. 

For an extra touchup, I like to carry an extra powder around with me. It's helpful if I need the coverage too. I typically don't find myself reapplying powder during the day, but it's a nice basic to have especially when I'm out for the whole day- shopping, family function, etc.

// Headphones //

I never go anywhere without my headphones. When I'm on the bus I like to block out the kids making corny jokes, when I'm in the car I like to block out my mom's jams from the 80s. You know? So very helpful. 

Echo by Trevor Moran
Going Out Like That by Reba McEntire
In The Blue by Kelly Clarkson
Whistle (While You Work It) by Katy Tiz

// Ring of Index Cards //

Ever since the beginning of the second semester I've accumulated different writing tips from my creative writing adviser. She suggested carrying around a ring of index cards to write down ideas since inspiration is all around us.

// Randoms //

It's allergy season. Enough said.

I didn't clean out my purse so I also had raffle tickets and my ticket to get into a talent show at my school a few weeks ago. It was absolutely hilarious. I had such a good time!

Thank you so much for reading,

Guilianna x

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  1. I loved your post. I hope we can do another collab soon!

  2. Love the purse, I might be getting it but in brown because I have the bag to match it but at the minute I'm using a vivienne westwood purse but it's like a mauve/pink colour so doesn't match at all lol. Great post :) xxx

    1. Ahaha, you definitely should. It's very roomy. Thanks for reading and commenting, Michaela. I really appreciate it. :) xx