10th Grade Accomplishments & Experiences

Hello everyone!

Last year I did a post like this when I completed 9th grade. I really liked the way it turned out and the feedback I received from it. You can click here to check it out.

Now, here is a post dedicated to my sophomore year in high school. Overall it was a really great year! I wouldn't ask for it to have turned out any other way. (I'm not going to lie, at some points in the school year high school sucked. There's not really a better way to put it.)


In general, surviving high school-
The transformation was really scary. I was afraid of being an outcast. This year I had the opportunity to learn a lot more about myself than I did in previous years. I want to thank not only my fellow peers and teachers for that, but the building itself.

Making new friends-
When online, I tend to be open and honest towards anything and everything. In person I am the complete opposite. I have a very reserved personality. I branched out of my comfort zone. As a result of that, I made some awesome friends!

I'm far from being one of the smartest kids in my grade. I don't think it's necessary to spend every spare moment in front of the quadratic formula, but to each is own. With that being said, I did work hard. I spent my time pretty wisely. In 9th grade I would have spent it more so with friends, not that it was a bad thing. As I get older I'm figuring out what my priorities are.

My Classes

Getting involved: SADD, Newspaper, and Key Club-
It’s important to get involved in clubs. My goal was to get involved with the newspaper. I am now going to be an editor for the paper next year; I'm super excited! As the school year progressed I took on Key Club and SADD, which stands for Students Against Destructive Decisions. I had so much fun! (I'm hoping to be a part of SADD next year. If your school offers it, I would highly recommend it.)

Memorable Experiences

Failing an English essay-
So that actually happened. It’s a memorable experience by far because I was expecting an A. I had to do an analysis on “The Color of Water” by James McBride. I spent my whole summer reading, taking notes, researching, etc. all for this essay. I failed. Completely. I remember coming home in tears by the fear of what my mother would say. That was the last essay I failed; I made sure of that. I spent countless hours emailing my teacher, studying notes, and rewriting essays to make sure I reached an A. To future high school students: before you submit your first essay to your teacher ask them to revise it first. You’ll know what they want and not suffer from that grade. It wasn’t just me who failed; everyone did poorly, but that didn’t matter at the time. I was concerned with myself and my own improvement. She was a hard grader and it wasn't until yesterday that I finally accepted that.

I spent countless hours on all of my papers, yet they were never good enough. The revisions on my papers made by my teacher made me feel stupid. I refuse to feel that small ever again.
Attending a writing competition-
As you may or may not know, my dream job (right now) is to become a journalist. By joining the newspaper, a group of approximately five people, I had the opportunity to attend a writing competition. It was a great experience. I’m looking forward to going back, now that I know what the judges are looking for in a paper.

Attending a journalism conference-
Again, by joining the newspaper I had the opportunity to attend a journalism conference. A common struggle that most online newspapers have is getting students to go on and read the material. Not only did we discuss how to publicize the site, we also had the chance to meet some cool journalists. I had a blast! I'm going to be News Editor during my Junior year. I can't wait!

Losing one of my best friends-
Losing someone who you’re really close to is hard. I lost my best friend in February, right before Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t until this past May when I realized we weren’t ever going to be the same. My mother tells me constantly that everything happens for a reason, but the fact that we were best friends makes it feel weird- I used to tell him everything. I was stupid to think that everything would go back to the way it was before the incident. It stinks that our friendship is over, but despite it all, I still wish him the best; that's what friends are supposed to do.

Reading the Bible every morning with a good friend of mine-
The Bible has done it again, it has brought together people. Towards the end of the year I spent most of my mornings in the library reading the Bible with one of my good friends, who I now consider one of my best. (My personal favorite verse is Hebrews 13:8. Not only is my favorite number and my sister's favorite number, but is shows how Jesus works himself into our lives each and everyday.)

I hope you all had a wonderful school year. Each and every year has it's negatives, but the positives cancel them out. Have an amazing summer, everyone!

Thanks for reading,
Guilianna x


  1. I'm going to be thrown into the big wide world that is university this year and I learnt so much from my last year of secondary school. The main thing I learnt was that you don't need to depend on the presence of a person to do well and succeed. Losing your best friend might have made you feel weird but it makes you realise that you're your own person.
    This year, my boyfriend decided not to continue until the end of Year 13, which sounds terrible but in the UK it's not a bad thing. Anyway, I got through the year without seeing him every day and it made me realise that you won't always be in control of what happens.

    1. That's completely true; I feel as though I've developed a lot more as a person. I had a lot more time that I dedicated to myself and my family. I completely agree! I wish you the best of luck. We just have to let fate run it's course. Thanks for reading and commenting Pauline! It means so much to me as always. xoxo