My Favorite Apps and Resources For School

Good morning, everyone!

I hope y'all enjoyed my last post: Lessons I Learned in High School. It was definitely a more personal post for me. Today, I thought we would kick it back with a post on some of my favorite online resources for school.


I have a feeling this is going to be my new go-to website. This website is perfect for asking all sorts of questions. The community answers them in no time!

Google Drive

Take advantage of your Google account. You can open your Google Drive from anywhere- home, school, or your study buddy's house. Just remember to log out.


This is my favorite app for creating to do lists on the go. There's also a built in timer. (Which is one of my favorite features about the app!) This app is #ProductivityGoals!


Honestly, Pinterest is the only website you really need. Pinterest is your guide to free printables and finding more study sites. Follow my All Things School board. I'm always adding fun study techniques and note taking ideas.


By far one of my favorite websites for creating flashcards. I also like to print them out and mark the paper up with extra notes. Download the app for studying on the go.


Definitely take advantage of YouTube. There are so many channels dedicated to math help and history. Here are some of my favorite channels:

  • Mr. Bett's Class (This is my favorite educational YouTube channel. I sang these tunes ALL year long. Hey, I finished with an A, right?)
  • Teacher Math Help (The only way I survived Honors Pre-Calc.)

That concludes my blog post on my favorite apps and resources for school. I highly recommend browsing Pinterest if you're in the need of something more specific. Anything and everything can be found on there.

Question of The Day: What's your favorite app for school?



  1. I loved this post, it introduced me to some new apps which I will be using in September. I feel like I used a lot of apps and online resources, I loved using Pinterest to get ideas on how to organise some of my revision. Also, Quizlet was a life saver for french vocab and because of that whenever I had a french vocab test or translation test I would always get my vocab right, I also used it for science around exam season for brief revision and English literature for my quotes because I had a lot of quotes to remember.
    One app that I did use a lot during the later half of year eleven was Showbie, my RE teacher would always send out a set of exam questions on it and by the time the exam came around we had revised every single topic and you can send the answers back and ask help and get them quickly marked and my science teacher would also send the power points over it for us to revise using.
    Again, loved this post.
    Ailish Elizabeth

    1. I'll have to look into that one, Ailish! Thanks for reading & commenting! I really appreciate it.

  2. I LOVE Google Drive! I think their version of documents and slideshows is so much better than Microsoft's and it's perfect for group projects - I honestly can't imagine doing a group project in college before Google Docs were a thing.

    My favorite resource for college was the Amazing Grade Calculator on the Conquer College website. I never used it in high school but during college, I always relied on it for figuring out my grades and what I needed to make on finals for an A in the class.

    Madison // Mads Maybe

    1. I'll have to look ip Amazing Grade Calculator since I'm going to be a freshman this fall. Thanks for reading and commenting, Madison!!

  3. Quizlet is such an amazing app. It's great for when you have to learn tons of vocab because it doesn't waste flashcard space and saves you time. I also like going onto Pinterest to see what other people have done with their notes. YouTube is also a must for me, especially as there are some great revision videos out there now xx Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    1. I totally agree with you, Nikita! I could spend hours on Pinterest alone. It's almost a problem. Thanks for reading & commenting!

  4. This is a great list! I will definitely be referring back to this post when school starts. An app I love for math help is Photomath. You just scan the problem you are stuck on and it gives you all the steps needed to solve it! It's a great way to learn how to do a type of problem as long as you're not just using it for answers. I use Quizlet and Khan Academy on a regular basis! My teachers have classroom pages on Quizlet, and Khan Academy has really helpful videos on all subjects.

    1. Love PhotoMath! However, it didn't work that well for me once I got to Honors Pre-Calc. Thanks for reading & commenting!