Christmas Wishlist 2015

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my first Christmas post of 2015! I am so excited to share with you my wishlist. This year, I kept it sweet and simple. If you want to checkout what was on my wishlist last year, click here.

Please note that this is a collab post with my friend Ro, over at Be sure to check out her blog and her post. She included some thing that you may even want to add to your list!

I've been eyeing up Benefit's High Beam highlighter for quite some time now. I read an amazing review on this product the other day. I would love to see what it could do for my skin!

While browsing on Pinterest, I came across a few different bralettes. I found this halter one at Aerie for a relatively cheap price. They look so comfortable! 

This is at the top of my list! This year, I really want a monogrammed hoodie or vest. My style ranges from casual, to girly, to boho, but I love to experiment with preppy pieces.

Lastly, I've been meaning to get a new set of makeup brushes. I've had mine for over a year and they're beginning to give out. Overall, I want a new foundation brush and a kabuki brush. If you have any recommendations, please comment them below. I'm not sure which brand to go with. 

That concludes my Christmas Wishlist for 2015. Be sure to check out my friend Ro's wishlist on her blog. 

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Ro's Christmas Wishlist:


  1. The highlight is really popular lately; I'm sure you'll love it. <3
    I know it's early, but Happy Holidays! :)
    ~ Sanjana

    1. Thanks, Sanjana! I really hope I get it. It's been a huge hype recently. Thanks for reading & commenting! xo

  2. i've been wanting a good bralette for a while, this one looks so cute! love this post. have a merry christmas! x

    1. I know! Definitely at the top of my list! Thanks for reading & commenting, Hannah! Happy Holidays! x

  3. I bought the highlighter last week and I'll admit - you need it!

    1. Really? YAY! I'm looking forward to testing it out. Thanks for reading and commenting, Clare!