9th Grade Accomplishments & Memorable Experiences

Hi everyone! xx

I wanted to make a post dedicated to my freshman year in high school. There were so many different things I've accomplished and experienced and wanted to share the majority of them with you.

I'll start off with the beginning of the year and conclude with the last few days of school. This year, I was vice president of a club. It's a club that involves improving and helping my community and school. I was really excited. It was a lot of fun.

I picked up writing for the school newspaper again! I had a few articles published last year, but this year I had a least one article in each newspaper. One of my personal favorite articles relates to peer pressure. (Yes, I started with a Taylor Swift quote!)

My first kiss! I'm not sure if it's necessarily an accomplishment, but it was certainly an experience worth drawing attention to. I'm sure every girl dreams of their first kiss: where, when, who, etc. I admit to having a princess-like image, and it fit the scene perfectly right under the stars.

This corresponds with my newspaper article; I experienced peer pressure. I really thought this was an accomplishment because I didn't break. For some reason, I always thought I would never collide with it. I watched someone I liked- a lot - fall into it. My lips were silenced because I wanted to be accepted. Instead my silence outraged. Said some things that led to me on the outside looking in. In the end, it worked out for the best. I realized where I stand in this world and it's certainly higher than what it used to be.

Moving on down the trail, I had my first experience on what it's like to be broken up with. It was certainly an unforgettable moment; it cleared up some of the views I had that were a bit blurry in the past. Everyone goes through it at one point or another, I guess I was lucky enough to have it early on in my emotional developing process as a raw adolescent.

The baby! The baby! The baby! I had a few indescribable episodes with a computerized baby for my family consumer science class. If you didn't see my journal entry post, I'll insert a picture below. I had the baby for a whole weekend. It was- wow. At least I got an A. That's all that matters. Her name is Amy. A cutie pie who cried every hour in the middle of the night. (Recommendation, don't take that class.)

I had a limited amount of outfit repeats. In my eyes I think that's an accomplishment. I think I had 4-5 give or take. In seventh and eighth grade I would wear the same thing constantly. It was time I show off the other 3/4 of my wardrobe.

I won the President's Award. It's for having an outstanding academic achievement. I feel like it's required, so it's not necessarily an accomplishment or achievement; I think it should be expected to perform our best every single day while in school. That's just my personal opinion.

Lastly, this will include my academic performance. I did my best; that's all anyone can ask for and hope for when it comes to school. You get into it, what you put into it. In my eyes, I got a lot out of the education I relieved this year. Therefore, I relieved high honors for each of my marking periods. For my final grades, I got all A's and a B. A B in honors geometry. It was a tough class, but I pulled through. That is most certainly an outstanding achievement for myself. I have put a lot of effort into school since day one. I'm most proud of my A in English; it's my favorite class and I've noticed that the class really inspired me to become a life-long learner.

If you have any achievements or memorable experiences throughout the year, please share them with me. I would love to hear them and relate. Thanks for reading! I hope you had a wonderful school year and an even better summer. 

Guilianna xx


  1. Congratulations on having such an interesting year! :) Don't worry about the whole "outside looking in" thing, is happens to all of us at some point (myself included). I am glad that you were able to pull through! :)

    ~ Alexandra L.

    1. Thank you so much. It means a lot to me knowing that there are other people going through the same experience. It was hard. Now, I see it as an experience that made me stronger. I thank him and his friends for doing that for me. I'm glad you were able to make it through the tough times as well. Thanks for commenting. xx