Winter Purse Essentials

Hello everyone! x

I'm super excited about today's post: my winter purse essentials. If you didn't already know I am obsessed with purses. I am always browsing designer handbags on Pinterest and asking for them for my birthday or Christmas. 

Today's I'm just going to share with you my winter essentials. I won't take you through my entire bag. I'd rater not bore you to death.

Before I jump into that, I wanted to show you some pictures of purses I currently have my eye on. I found this purse on Pinterest. Absolutely gorgeous! Very colorful. You can easily transition this bag to Spring if need be.

Can we all please take a move for Celine bags? They are stunning! I personally love the black one, but this is one is beautiful as well.

Right now, I am rotating between two different bags: my Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 and my Michael Kors tote. (I apologize I couldn't find the name of it on the website.)

My first few essentials live in this small Vera Bradley tech case.

It holds my iPhone 6 charger, my portable charger, and my car charger. I find that these are all very helpful. In December, I am always running around- to the mall, grocery store, friends' houses, soccer games, etc. Sometimes I don't stop at home and this comes in handy. (It's even helpful for the long school days when I have club meetings before and/or after school.)

Tissues! It's very easy to catch a cold. I have a class that involves me working with preschoolers. Germs spread easily. It's important that I always have packs of tissues with me. 

A snack! My sister's soccer games sometimes take place in the mid afternoon. Hello, snack time! Right now, I have popcorn chips in my purse. So good!

Lip balm is a must. My backpack has at least four lip products in it. It's bad. I like to keep this lip stain in my purse incase I need a pick-me-upper. You can intensify it or add a subtle hint of color for the daytime. It's a transitional lip color.

Lastly, here are some random things that I enjoy having with me during the winter: a Vera Bradley notebook, flashcards, hand cream, and a pen.

I always have some type of notebook with me, whether it's a regular old notebook or a planner. Flashcards are a must. As I said earlier, I'm never really sitting about at my house. I take these flashcards with me and prepare for future tests. I'm currently studying for an English grammar quiz and a social studies test. How exciting! I have a pen to obviously write ion my flashcards and in my notebook. And finally, I have hand cream. This one smells like peppermint. It's perfect for the winter time. My hands don't really get dry, but I like putting it on and smelling it. 

Thanks for reading! Let me know what your winter purse essentials are.

Guilianna x 


  1. Loved this post Guilianna ^.^ EOS lip balms look so cool, I wish they were available in the UK!

    niamh /

    x x x

    1. Thank you, Niamh! They are incredible. I love the mint one especially- it smells SO good. Thanks for reading and commenting. xx