What I Learned During My First Year of College

I'll be honest: I thought college was going to be a step up from high school. Daunting drama. Fake friends. And, catty cliques. But, it wasn't like that at all. I slid into the crowd with ease. In this blog post, you'll read all about the lessons I learned during my first year of college.

Your roommate doesn't have to be your best friend.

My roommate and I said hello to one another, but we weren't the best of friends. And, that's okay. We were two totally different people. That's the case with some roommates. Don't beat yourself up over it.

Boys. They only want one thing.

As early as my freshman year in high school, I learned this concept. (You can read all about that experience by clicking here.) The same trend carries throughout college. Guys would ask my friends about me and get my Snapchat from others guys. And, they would constantly hit me up and ask to "hang out." Blocked him. And, him. Oh, and this other guy blocked me because I refused to give him what he wanted. It's disgusting.

Before you drink: think!

Go to parties and have fun, but be safe. Always put your safety first.

You DO meet your best friend in college.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the best group of friends in high school. I was ragged on by one jealous girl-- who totally killed my vibes. In college, I found my best friend. Shoutout to Erin! Thanks for always being there for me. This year has been a blast being by your side!!

Long distance relationships are hard.

Okay, really hard. I can't thank Kyle enough for putting up with me. As I got more comfortable
in college, I started testing my boundaries. We've had our fair share of downs. But, we've also had our fair share of ups. I learned that communication is definitely important. Don't shut someone out just because you're stressed.

You're capable of a lot more than you think.

You can make tons of friends. You can step out of your comfort zone. You can even be a spy for the Soviet Union during the Manhattan Project era; (it's a long story)!

You need to work for A's. 

I worked my butt of this year. And, it paid off. Hello, Dean's List!

Outfit repeats are not federal offenses.

In highs school, I'd rather be caught dead than be caught wearing a shirt I wore 6 months ago. Outfit repeats are a thing in college. And, guess what?! They're 100% accepted! Encouraged, even!

Being homesick is not childish.

I was homesick. A lot. I came home almost every weekend during my first semester. That's okay, too. It gave me time to adapt to college life a little bit more slowly. Unfortunately, if you're going to school on the other side of the country, it might be hard. But, hey, you'll make it work. FaceTime wasn't invented for nothing!

Don't take a professor twice if you didn't like them the first time around. 

If you had a professor that you loved and you have the opportunity to take his/her class again-- do it! However, if you didn't like a professor don't take them again. I learned that the hard way. (I thought hey, why not minor in that particular subject!)

Caffeine is your best friend.

Have an 8 AM class? I advise you hit up your school's coffee shop on the way to class. Oh, and you have a class that goes until 9:30 PM? I advise you hit up your school's coffee shop on your way back to your dorm. You're gonna want some sugar in your system to get you through these long days... and longer nights.

Group. Projects. Suck.

In high school they sucked. And guess what? In college they still suck. (Sorry mom, I know you hate that word.) But, it's true. Nobody wants to do their part of assignment, so someone-- usually you, has to take over. This one is inevitable. Good luck!

Things happen for a reason.

I've been saying this since my freshman year of high school. Things happen for a reason. You fail a test. You gain an internship. You go to a party. You meet someone new. It's all in God's plan for you to grow.

Checkout what I learned during my high school years:


  1. Group projects really are the worst!

    1. You're telling me! Thanks for reading & commenting, Sydney!

  2. Yes all has a reason why it happened and maybe He has a better plan for us.

  3. I think you've learned a lot in college...and I wish I could say the same. I certainly did not find my best friend in college tho.

  4. I guess everyone thinks that college life is being more responsible with yourself and with whatever you do. It just sometimes we can't really handle things right. Just keep going, life isn't always perfect. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Nice realization of college life Guilianna. Yes we've gone through that also. And sometimes worst than that. Just keep moving and finish it!