#BackToSchoolSeries: Fall Fashion

Hello everyone! xx

Now that I've gotten those goal and advice posts out of the way, I can finally start getting into the fashion aspect of things. Who doesn't love fashion? Especially fall fashion- leggings, over sized sweaters, etc. It's my time of year!

Fall is the transition season from summer to winter. So you can still wear your summer dresses and start to pull out your boots. It's the season where you can mix up your clothing and have fun! 

Going back to school, I love to dress preppy and girly. I also enjoy experimenting with my style a bit. Maybe I'll go a bit edgy or try a quirky pattern. It just depends on how I feel. So let's get into some fashion trends that will be taking over this fall; and how to weave them into your own style. (I'll also add some traditional, classic fall fashion pictures.) Fall fashion is where it's at.

The Basics

I really like the look of square scarves especially this one- the color screams fall to me. $498 isn't exactly 'practical' for a scarf, at least at the age that I'm at. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to keep you warm on those chilly fall mornings, try Forever21 or American Eagle Outfitters.

Skater skirts are super cute for the fall. Just pair it with a cardigan, maybe some tights. You're good to go. They're also flattering on any body shape. 

Leggings are a must. They're comfortable, easy to style, etc. You can find them anywhere. If you're in America try Aerie by American Eagle or Charlotte Russe. Literally, they're sold anywhere. 

Combat boots are super trendy during fall. They're very edgy, but with the right articles of clothing you can easily add a girly vibe. 

Oversized sweaters look adorable with leggings and UGGS; you just can't go wrong. (So Tumblr! Am I right?) I especially like this sweater. So funny. "I didn't like you anyway," aha! They have some other cute ones on the website as well. Check them out! I also like to go to American Eagle and Abercrombie for my sweaters- so soft!

Trending Fall 2014

Don't worry; I did my research: Teen Vogue and Seventeen magazine have been my best pals these past few weeks. I've been looking for pieces that would help me stay in style throughout this fall season. I finally found some! 

Worn-in sweaters are going to be trendy during this fall season. You can simply pair them with leggings and combat boots, (2 staple pieces you should have already picked up for the upcoming season.) I believe Wildfox and Free People also have a selection of worn-in sweaters. 

Quirky patterns! Experiment with printed leggings and dresses. They're fun pieces, that if styled correctly, can look pulled together and cute!

I really like this dress. The dogs are adorable. I would pair it with black flats, a simple cardigan, and maybe a little bow.


All of the colors of the rainbow have hit the runway for this fall season. See which colors flatter your skin tone. Just experiment and have fun with it. 


I love this outfit. It's very girly and preppy. 

I love the way the stylist pulled this outfit together. It's edgy (and school appropriate!)

Here are some typical outfits you see during autumn. People don't usually wear those huge fur coats found on the runways. (If you're looking to go a bit more Tumblr this upcoming season, these are your go to outfits.)

That concludes my post on fall fashion. I hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading,

Guilianna x

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  1. Fall is my favourite time of the year *-*
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award, here is my link: http://mariellasblog.blogspot.de/2014/08/liebster-award.html

    1. Mine too! Thank you so much. I really appreciate it that. x

  2. leggings and scarves are also so essential for me in the fall! And the first inspiration photo is so cute, I love it! :)

    Every Day In Grace

    1. I found it on Tumblr or We Heart It, I believe. So cute! Thank you! xx

  3. Ahh, this gets me sooo excited. Fall is my favorite season and favorite time of year for fashion. Leggings and sweaters and boots and scarves..oh my!! lol I love summer but everyday it gets colder I get happier and I start pulling out my favorite fall pieces and try to mix them into my outfits now. Great post and love all the looks :) xoxo

    Btw I love the look and vibe of your blog would love to work together sometime. Let me know if youd ever be interested in doing guest blogs for each other,:) You checked out my blog earlier but heres the link again

    Email me if you are interested linda.abballe@hotmail.com

    1. Yes, I completely agree. I love, love all fall essentials. They're so pretty. It's my favorite time of year for fashion pieces.

      Thank you so much. I love yours as well. Yes, please. :) I'll email you later on this afternoon. Thanks. xx