#BackToSchoolSeries: Makeup

Hello xx

Hopefully you're not getting bored of these back to school posts. Haha. x

We've got our outfit down, now what about our makeup? Something quick, so I don't miss my bus. Something flirty, so I get my crush's attention. Something natural, so I can enhance my natural features. I know exactly what you're looking for!


Start off with a primer. It's important to keep your makeup lasting all day. You don't want it to be falling off your face halfway through the day. On top of that, use a tinted moisturizer rather than a foundation. A tinted moisturizer leaves a natural looking finish, and it's not too heavy. Apply a concealer over any blemishes. Lastly, set it with a matte finishing powder.

Use a natural looking blush. Apply it to the apples of your cheeks. It adds a nice hint of color to your face. (Bronzer isn't needed.)

*(Groom your brows to keep them from looking sparse. No eyebrow powder is needed. Apply a clear mascara to them to keep them in place throughout the day.)


Eyeshadow? Nah. You don't need any, especially for school. If you feel the need to wear eyeshadow, apply a neutral shade to your base, then add a light brown to your crease and outer corner to add definition to you eyes. In my opinion, I would skip that. It takes way too much time.

Curl your lashes and go right in to applying your favorite mascara. Go for something that separates and lengthens them- nothing too dramatic. (BEAUTY HACK: When applying mascara, get as close to the lid as you can. It looks like you applied eyeliner to your tight line, when you actually didn't. It's a simple step that defines your lash line.)


My favorite makeup item revolves around lip products- lipsticks, lipgloss, etc. I like to apply an EOS lip balm to my lips to keep them hydrated. Following that, I like to apply a sheer pink gloss. 

That's it! I don't see a reason in wearing bronzer, highlighter, purple eyeshadow, or anything like that.  Mostly because it takes too much time. It's a simple look that I enjoy wearing- even when I go to parties and things like that. It's effortless and girly.

Thanks for reading!

Guilianna xx


  1. Naural look for school is always the best idea, lovely post! x

    1. I totally agree. Save the bold makeup for a night out. Thank you so much! x