Dorm Room Haul: Part 1

Good morning, everyone!

Today, I have a very exciting post for y'all: My Dorm Room Haul! Before I get into this post, I would first like to apologize for the photography. My collection of items is in my living room and not in my studio where I film the majority of my pictures. So, again, I'm so sorry about that! On Monday, my photography will be back to normal. 

A Full Length Mirror

I really like this one because you can put it over your door. You put the mirror on the inside and the dry erase board on the outside. Pretty clever!

I've been telling my parents for quite some time the I wanted some sort of storage unit for college. I wanted something to organize my school work and blog mail. I think this is going do just the trick. I can also store my laptop on it. 

Tommy Hilfiger Comforter

First things first, I apologize for the glare in this picture. The lighting was awful the day I took these. And the day after, when I tried again. I picked this comforter up from Gabe's. It was a decent price!


I actually won this in a Bed Bath & Beyond raffle. Pretty cool, huh?

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a must for me. I purchased the navy blue on the left. It's from IZOD. The other two were sent to me. The pink and navy blue one is from Gracie Mae Gifts, and the graduation one is from Pillow Therapy.

Cozy Blanket

I picked this super soft blanket up from JC Penny when they were having a huge sale. I think it came down to $20 or something like that.

I never considered the idea of having a wooden monogram in my dorm room, until I saw it on Pinterest. It makes quite a statement, while hiding a white, boring wall. Gracie Mae Gifts was so kind to again send this to me. I'm planning on spray painting it navy blue. 

Cork Boards

I thought these would be a fun addition to my room. I thought they'd be great for pinning up pictures of friends and family, and maybe some assignments too.

I am in love with this canvas. It's very Kate Spade inspired, which is my favorite part about it. I have yet to see my dorm room, but I'm picturing this pop of color over my desk. This was sent to me from Kate Stefani on Etsy.

Picture Frames

My mom bought this for me from Hobby Lobby. I decided to throw a picture in it from prom. I'll probably end up putting this on my night stand, but who knows?

I showed this in my College Essentials blog post. Highly, highly recommend! I love that it's gray and white with a pop of navy. I put up two pictures, one from graduation and another from an awards ceremony. I'm planning to switch them out all the time. I might even throw on a pack of sticky notes. It's a great space saver. Definitely checkout Rememory Designs on Etsy. There are so many options!

I picked up this basic white trash can from Target. I'm pretty sure it was no more than $3.

iPhone chargers are not known for their longevity, so my mom picked up an extra incase of an emergency.

She also picked me up this phone. Apparently, I have really bad reception in the dorm. #DormLife

Every. Single. Person. Said that I need to get a surge protector. So, I bought it!

I picked this up from bed Bath & Beyond last minute. My mom suggested I get incase I want to make hot chocolate, soup, etc.

Popcorn Tin

My mom bought this for me when we were in Walt Disney World. I am a huge popcorn eater. So, this is definitely going to come in handy. I love that it has a lid so I can store the popcorn away for later.

Again, I picked this up from Bed Bath & Beyond. It was definitely on the expensive side for a lap desk. I think it came down to $16, but it's definitely good quality.  I'm looking forward to using it!

That concludes my dorm room haul! On Saturday, Part II will be live. Comment below: what's an essential for your dorm?

Thanks for reading!


  1. This is exciting! I think pictures are definitely an essential and you've got that covered! The dorm sweet dorm canvas is so cute!

    Madison // Mads Maybe

    1. I love, love, love it! Thanks for reading & commenting, Madison!