My College Essentials

Welcome back to my blog, everyone!

Today, I have a supper exciting post for y'all: My College Essentials. I've been doing quite a bit of shopping for my dorm room these past couple of months. Next week, I'll give you an in-depth haul, but for now, I'm just going to go over my essentials.

White Bedding

I decided to go with white bedding so it would go with everything. My bedding is actually white/gray from Tommy Hilfiger. I really like it! (Will be shown in my dorm haul.)

Fun Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows are a must for me. I decided to go with a hot pink and navy color scheme. I received pillows from Gracie Mae Gifts and Pillow Therapy. Both of these pillows are adorable!

Dorm Decor

It's important to me that I make the room a cozy place I'll want to come back to. Here are some ideas:

-Wooden monogram from Gracie Mae Gifts
-Fabric garland from One Lucky Ladybug
-Cork boards
-Magnetic board from Remory Designs
-Picture frames
-Cute canvas prints from Kate Stefani's Canvases

Shower Caddy

I am absolutely in love with my shower caddy. It's from Gracie Mae Gifts. I'm going to be sharing a community bathroom with approximately 20 other girls. I definitely need a caddy to keep all of my shower essentials together.

Key Fob

I am going to be responsible for my ID and my dorm room key. A key fob is an essential to stay organized. This one is from One Lucky Ladybug. You can get your initials on it, or your full name like I did. You can use the code LUCKY for 10% off.

Monogrammed Stickers

This may not be on everyone's college essentials list, but it is definitely on mine. When you're living on campus, things can get jumbled up. I like to put monogram stickers on important things, such as my laptop and planner. You can purchase monogrammed stickers from Desert & Co. or Gracie Mae Gifts.


In a previous post, I mentioned that I bought myself a little graduation gift: a Fitbit! It's official, I have a fear of the freshman fifteen. I thought if I bought myself a FitBit Charge 2 it would help me stay on top of my health.


In high school, I don't where I would have been without my planner. I used my agenda to organize blog collaborations, homework, projects, date nights, etc. I recently purchased mine while I was in Walt Disney World.

Super, Duper Cute Stationary

If you couldn't tell, I love all things bright and monogrammed. I received this folder and notebook set from Paper K Studios. I love the bright chevron print with the gold sparkly accent color. It's me-- in school supplies! I'm looking forward to using this duo for my honors classes this fall. I believe I'm taking two honors classes. Wish me luck!

Paper K Studios also has a ton of other prints, along with supplies: dry erase boards, notepads, etc. Go check them out!


-Don't buy in bulk. Do a little bit at a time. 
-Sign up for Bed Bath & Beyond-- 20% off coupon.
-Buy from small businesses. (They're cheaper, not to mention cuter!)
-Communicate with your roommate. You don't need duplicates!

If you're headed to college, I wish you the best of luck. Remember, we're all in this together!



  1. All of this decor is so cute! You must be so busy and excited preparing for college. All the best! xx Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    1. I am definitely looking forward to it! Thanks for reading & commenting, Nikita! x

  2. Loved this post! That planner looks so pretty!
    Amy xx
    Amy's Life